Money back guarantee

Money back guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you will receive 100% of your money back, thats our promise! Just ensure you email us with the request and some feedback within 24 hours of the purchase.

Money back guarantee

Students can't plagiarise notes

Universities don't mark notes. We don't want your assignments, just your notes.

Buy the best with confidence

Buy the best with confidence

Nexus Notes reviews uploaders' notes and academic transcripts to ensure our notes are written by students who receive HDs and Ds only.

Buy the best with confidence

Donate your work

Not wanting to personally profit from your efforts? No worries, you can upload and donate your notes to AIME to help close the gap Down Under.

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Nexus Notes provided me with a simpler way to understand difficult topics in my degree. Being able to purchase notes that were already formatted, simplified and concise made studying that much easier.

Max Joy

Max Joy Flinders University

I wish I'd known about Nexus Notes earlier! My notes generate a nice passive income which is currently sending me on weekend trips whilst I complete my exchange in Amsterdam!

Talia Calgaro

Talia Calgaro University of Sydney

I first used Nexus Notes while doing a very heavy course load one semester. The notes I downloaded were organised and concise, and saved me time. I would highly recommend Nexus and will use it again.

Grace Watkins

Grace Watkins Deakin University

Originally I just popped some notes up to help out my old Port sparring partner Hugh Minson, so I was as surprised as anyone when the money actually hit my account. Give Nexus a try, it really works!

Jonathan Giles

Jonathan Giles Open Universities

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