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CA Notes – The Best Study Materials for Your CA Exams on the Internet

Chartered Accountants are some of the best paid professionals out there. But becoming a Chartered Accountant takes a lot of your time and energy. At Nexus Notes, we believe the best students make great teachers. Why? Because high-achieving students focus their energy on nailing their exams, not becoming a leading academic in the field. And… Read more »

CPA Notes – The Best Material on the Internet to Help you Dominate Your CPA Exams in 2019

Studying for your CPA exams is tough. You’re working full-time to pay the bills, but also want to get ahead in your career and adding a few letters to the end of your name ain’t a bad idea. It’s not cheap though. With courses starting at $1,500, and other services going beyond $3,000 each, add… Read more »