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Chartered Accountants are some of the best paid professionals out there. But becoming a Chartered Accountant takes a lot of your time and energy. At Nexus Notes, we believe the best students make great teachers. Why? Because high-achieving students focus their energy on nailing their exams, not becoming a leading academic in the field. And how do they become the top of the class? Through amazing sets of notes!

Taxation CA Critical File
Master Tax Supplementary CA Documents
MAAF: Management Accounting and Applied Finance Critical File CA
FIN Financial Accounting and Reporting Notes CA
AAA Auditing and Assurance Critical File Notes and Index CA

A well-written set of notes by a high-achieving student is so powerful because all course content becomes beautifully distilled. For open-book exams, a well-formatted set of notes, that focusses on the important areas of the syllabus, can be the difference between failing the course and topping the class.

We have looked through all the CA notes in our community and hand-picked the cream of the crop. Below you will find the best study materials for your CA exams on the internet. We hope you enjoy them, and if you have any questions, please let us know in the comments below. Good luck!

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