Are you a law student looking for a job? Start your search with Beyond Law

Nexicans, are you a law student who is looking for a job? Whether you’re looking to plunge whiskers first into the rat race or cautiously dip your toes into the employment market, make Beyond Law your first point of call. It was created and is run by our good friends Max and Anthony, two absolute… Read more »

Getting over the uncertainty of January with the help of some former PMs

By our sporadic yet faithful writer, Charlie Gibbings. For many students, January is a time of uncertainty. Stress may becomes your constant companion, insecurities run rife, and if you’re not off on an amazing #holiday then boredom reaches biblical proportions. Far from being content with your New Year’s resolutions, you often are filled with despair… Read more »

Getting notes approved: Tips from an insider (Updated 6/1/2015)

Hi Nexicans, it’s Richo here. One of the many fun things I do at Nexus is oversee all content approvals by our team, meaning that the buck stops with me. Overall, the quality of uploads meets our very high standards on most occasions, however, for a number of reasons we often have to reject content…. Read more »