Mythbusters: Debunking the myths and misinformation surrounding Nexus Notes

Here at Nexus Notes, our ship is run so tightly that it would make Jessica Watson blush. However, whenever we are out and about chatting to the people we are always hit with the same type of questions; namely – “Is this legal?”, “Why would anyone want our notes?”, and occasionally, “Why won’t Hugh stop calling me?”.

These are just three examples, and there are many more. Whilst I cannot discourage Hugh from the over-zealous use of his phone, I can provide clarity on everything else. The most common misconceptions are debunked below:

MYTH #1: “It’s illegal to sell your university notes”

TRUTH: What? What do you even mean? Nexus Notes is 100% LEGAL. Everything from our business model to our Ts & Cs has been taken through a fine-toothed comb by the legal eagles at King & Wood Mallesons, one of Australia’s top commercial law firms, who have given it a resounding thumbs up (cue emoticon). Any student has the right to walk into a lecture theatre, write notes and sell them, just as anyone has the right to publish content online, provided that they are the author.

MYTH #2: “No one would want to buy my notes”

TRUTH: Wrong. Wrong. WRONG! We hear this time and time again and it makes us wonder just what happened to you all to make you undervalue yourselves and your work to such a tragic extent. Your notes have HUGE VALUE. Think back to when you studied for or sat your exams. I’ll bet that those notes that you’d spent hours painstakingly crafting (now rotting on your hard drive along with embarrassingly saved MSN Messenger chats and THAT copy of ‘Pirates’) proved an absolute godsend. So why is it so shocking that there are thousands upon thousands of students who are prepared to pay hard cash for them? In many ways, a well-formatted course summary prepared by a high achieving student (that’s you) is much more valuable and useful than a textbook, and I don’t need to explain to you how much we fork out for those.


Disclaimer: not an actual photo

MYTH #3: “It sounds difficult to upload”

TRUTH: It isn’t. We have spent countless hours poking and prodding our tech GURU Thom to ensure that he spends at least twice that amount of time designing and refining the upload process. As a result, it is childishly simple. If you are having major difficulties don’t hesitate to call us on 02 800 ‘NOTES’ (02 8006 6837) and we can happily assist – sorry, we know that’s a lame phone number.

MYTH #4: “People will know I’ve contributed, I don’t want to be on the internet”

TRUTH: We understand that ANONYMITY is very important to many people for any of a number of reasons, and so your name will never appear on Nexus Notes unless you want it to. When you create an account to contribute notes, your user name can be whatever you want it to be. For those of you running short on ideas, see if you can remember what your first Hotmail or MSN email address was, and then cringle or shudder gently in the corner.

MYTH #5: “I write my notes for ME, people wouldn’t understand them”

TRUTH: Unless you have knocked up some lovely notes in Elvish or Wingdings, this simply isn’t the case. Our users buy notes for incredibly varied reasons, and so whilst you may think your formatting is unique and indecipherable to anybody except yourself, in reality it may be exactly what many people are looking for.

Our 10% PREVIEW is there for a reason, so that users can see if they like your formatting before they buy and ultimately will vote with their wallets. In a doomsday scenario of buyer’s remorse they can take comfort from our rarely-if-never-needed 100% money-back guarantee.

MYTH #6: “I did the course 3 years ago, my notes are going to be out of date”

TRUTH: This one doesn’t fall far from the same tree as #5. Again, users buy notes for incredibly varied reasons. Weird as it sounds, we know that some users may just like the layout or ‘skeleton’ of your notes, and will purchase them to use as a template for their own notes. Before they buy, users are informed of both the upload and the approval date. Although changing colours and page numbers before releasing a ‘new, updated edition’ each year is a fantastic SCAM for textbook publishers, in reality the courses that are taught at universities evolve much more slowly, and as a result student notes remain relevant and maintain value over many years.

MYTH #7: “I won’t contribute notes now as students won’t buy until exams.”

TRUTH: Our users buy notes all year round, rain, hail or shine. We had one author from UNSW upload their notes in December 2014 and had three sales in January, at a time when for 99% of Australian university students study is the furthest thing from their mind. Again, students are a diverse bunch. Yes, we do see stronger sales closer to exams, however people buy notes all the time, and as a result there is no bad time to contribute..

MYTH #8: “I wouldn’t feel comfortable profiting off of other students”

TRUTH: Yes comrade, together we will overthrow the capitalist pigs! Don’t worry, there are lots of admirable, selfless people out there just like yourself, luckily we have a perfect solution. Our charity partner is AIME (the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience), who are working hard at their goal to increase Year 10 & 12 progression and university admission rates for all Indigenous students involved in their program.

If you don’t want easy money we encourage you to donate a portion or all of your earnings to AIME to help close the gap Down Under, and you really can make a difference. According to the the nerds in the basement at KPMG, for every $1 that is donated, $7 in economic benefits is generated. I just wish that my investments (or government spending) were that efficient :(

Have you heard any other myths about Nexus Notes that aren’t here? If so, please contact us immediately so that we can give you slice of mind.

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