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AIME’s National Partnering Operations Manager, Helen Caldwell, with the CEO of Nexus Notes, Hugh Minson.

Nexus Notes is very excited to announce a Community Partnership with the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME). Nexus Notes is hoping its online community will get behind the cause and help achieve the goal of raising $10,000 by year’s end, enough to put at least three Indigenous students through AIME this year.

At the core of the alliance, Nexus Notes now allows uploaders to donate a percentage of their earnings from the online sale of their notes directly to AIME.

Before submitting notes for approval, users are now asked to donate to AIME.

Before submitting notes for approval, users are now asked to donate to AIME.

AIME is a not-for-profit with a simple mission: to get Indigenous students finishing high school and going on to university, further study or employment at the same rate as all Australians.

Starting in 2005 with 25 Indigenous high school students (mentees) and 25 volunteer university students (mentors), the organisation now connects approximately 3,500 mentees with 1,250 mentors across 29 locations and is in partnership with 16 Australian universities.

By 2018, the goal is to annually engage 10,000 Indigenous high school students, a figure that will build the Indigenous talent pipeline for employers to lead Australia into the future.

CEO and Co-founder of Nexus Notes Hugh Minson said that AIME’s cause is close to his heart, having volunteered for many years in Indigenous communities through the charity Red Dust.

“I’ve seen first hand the challenges that face Indigenous kids in completing their schooling. Education has the power to unlock opportunities and transform lives.

“Partnering with AIME felt like a natural fit for us as. We’re really proud that, with your support, we can be part of the generation that bridges the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.”

AIME’s National Partnering Operations Manager, Helen Caldwell, added “We’re really excited to be working with Nexus Notes and can’t wait to see the $10,000 target hit out of the park. The site opens up a new revenue stream for us with unlimited potential which we’re thrilled about.”

Nexus Notes will also be supporting AIME’s National Hoodie Day, a fantastic initiative for people to help put AIME on the map. For those wanting to get involved, simply buy an AIME hoodie, take a photo wearing it, and submit it to their website. The photos with the most likes can win some great prizes. We’ve uploaded our photo (above), so make sure you hop on to AIME’s website and get behind us before 11 July 2014! You can vote for our photo here.

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