Nexus Notes now with even more brainpower

Braintree Photo

Braintree Australia’s Luke Fossett (left) with Hugh Minson (right) from Nexus Notes near Braintree’s Sydney office last week.

If you thought the collective genius of Nexus Notes’ uploaders was impressive, your mind may be blown by the benefits of a new technical partnership forged recently with payments giant, Braintree.

The US firm, recently purchased by PayPal for a handy US$800 million, helps online and mobile businesses accept credit card payments by providing a merchant account, payment gateway, recurring billing and credit card storage.

In the past, Nexus Notes facilitated all downloads through PayPal only. However, with the successful integration of Braintree, the site now accepts credit card payments directly. Until now, users needed a Nexus Notes account to both upload and download notes, however, now things have been made simpler with downloaders no longer needing accounts to buy notes.

Other companies already using the secure platform in Australia include Uber, Airbnb and the ABC.



Braintree’s Head of Asia based in Sydney, Tyson Hackwood, said of the deal, “We’ve known Hugh through our dealings in the local mobile scene and we’re very happy he will be using our service going forward with Nexus Notes. It simply makes sense for an entrepreneurial ecommerce store, which trades digital downloads, to accept credit cards directly through its site.”

Co-Founder and CEO, Hugh Minson was pleased with the partnership as well, suggesting it had been a long time coming. “Our platform was always heading in this direction but just the thought of dealing with the banks was giving us headaches. The decision to go with Braintree was a no-brainer for our team. Pun intended.”

While purchasing notes may now be made through Braintree for mobile, tablet or desktop users of the site, payments to uploaders will still be made through its parent company PayPal…that is until Braintree figures out a solution for this too.

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