Belle’s story

Belle (25), graduated from Bond University in 2012 with a double Bachelor’s degree in Law and Journalism. She is now an account manager for a leading business professionals network in Sydney. She was kind enough to join us (along with one particularly curious ibis) for 30 minutes late last week.

Listen to Belle’s story below.

Belle said that she used to just give her notes away for free and had never really thought that they had value. As it was something that she had spent a lot of time on, to actually be able to make money from all that hard work that she had done previously was fantastic. You can check out one of Belle’s great templates here.

“It was really exciting getting my first sales notification email because I really don’t think I expected it, I didn’t think anyone would want to buy my notes.”

When asked about the effort that went into authoring her notes, Belle recounted that it was an extensive process that took all semester. She would compile her notes each week and then refine the notes prior to exams, but she said the hard work was definitely worth it.

“75% of my profits go to AIME, which is a really nice feeling”



Another happy Nexus Notes author

If you think that like Belle, you have great notes that you could be monetising, why not create an account today and contribute your first set of notes? As always, if you have any further queries for the Nexus team or for Belle, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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