Rupert’s story

Rupert (24), graduated from Bond University in 2013 with a double Bachelor’s degree in Law and Commerce (majoring in Finance) and he now works as a financial analyst in Sydney. We interrupted ‘Rupes’ whilst recharging at a BBQ in Rushcutter’s Bay so that he could share his story with us.

Listen to Rupert’s story below.

Rupert donates a large proportion of his earnings to our charity partner AIME, which he said played a large part in deciding to upload his notes to Nexus. You can view one of Rupert’s beautiful outlines here.

“I think it’s a great idea. I’m making money from stuff that was just sitting on my hard drive and I just wish I had some more notes that I could upload.”

The method Rupert used to author his notes was to work on his notes each week and then create a template as it got closer to exams. Whilst he wouldn’t give us the exact amount of time he spent painstakingly putting them together, he did admit that it was “a fair few hours”. One of the upsides of all of his hard work was that it allowed him to upload with confidence as he was certain that the notes were a great representation of the course.


Rupert has a laugh whilst modelling his freshly purchase eyewear,

courtesy of his monthly Nexus Notes commissions

“It’s a great site and it’s really easy to use. I’d say to people thinking about using Nexus, just jump on the site and give it a crack”.

If you’ve authored great notes and like Rupert, want to create a nice passive income stream or donate some money to a great cause, why not create an account and contribute your notes today. As always, if you have any further queries for the Nexus team or for Rupert, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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