Sophie’s story

Sophie, (26) graduated from Bond University with a double Bachelor’s degree in Law and Commerce, and now works as a commercial lawyer in Hong Kong. We caught up with her on a slightly gloomy day whilst spending some time in Sydney with friends and family prior to jetting back to her exciting new home. You can hear Sophie’s story below:

Like many of our authors, Sophie donates a significant proportion of her earnings to our charity partner AIME. This really appealed to Sophie as she thought that it was a great cause and she really supports all of the work that the organisation is doing. You can check out one of Sophie’s great notes here.

“When I got my first sale I actually took a screenshot and sent it to the Nexus team with a heap of celebratory emojis and then told everyone I knew to upload their notes!”

Sophie, who is a big believer in using other people’s notes to help learn a course, estimates that she would have spent at least a few hours on each set of notes each week, underpinning just how valuable of a resource they are.


Sophie’s hard work has allowed her to swap one beautiful harbour city for another

She also mentioned that in scheme of how much you pay for a subject at university and how valuable a set of notes can be, the $35 sale price was just a drop in the ocean.

“Just give it a shot, you’ve got nothing to lose, and the upside is that you’ll start getting these random emails at any time or day of the week saying that you’ve made money.”

To make great notes, Sophie advised other students to start early, and get their hands on great notes at the start of the semester. She said that this makes it much easier to get your head around the content and makes the process of authoring your own notes that much easier.


Who cares about a grey sky when you’re off to Hong Kong?

If you’ve authored great notes, and like Sophie, want to create a nice passive income stream or donate some money to a great cause, why not create an account and contribute your notes today. As always, if you have any further queries for the Nexus team or for Sophie, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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