Tom’s story

Tom (24), graduated from the University of Otago in 2012 with a double Bachelor’s degree in Law and Accounting. He is now studying postgraduate medicine at Notre Dame university in Sydney.

Despite many years of punishing study, he still finds the motivation to put in the hard yards, and knows that the home stretch of his third degree is nearly in sight.

Listen to Tom’s story below.

Tom said that the money from his monthly commissions went towards his “outrageous Sydney rint” (rent) and that it was a real bonus.

“I realised that this (Nexus Notes) is just looking to share notes and give people the option to acquire something that they otherwise wouldn’t”

He uploaded notes in the second semester of 2014 and saw sales increase as it got closer to exams. You can view one of Tom’s sets of notes here.

According to Tom, one of the most appealing aspects of Nexus Notes is how it provides all students an opportunity to get access to great quality notes, many of whom might not have had the right networks to source notes themselves, which makes it a more balance playing field.

We asked Tom if he thought a well-written set of notes was more valuable than a set of notes, and his answer was an emphatic yes;

“I avoided buying textbooks on the basis that I didn’t need to know 600 pages of company law to know what was relevant for my course”


Tom and Xavier share a laugh over some incoherent New Zealander banter

If you’d like to earn easy money like Tom, why not create an account and upload your notes today, however, please make sure that you read this blog post first so that you understand the sort of content that we are looking for on our site. If you have any questions for Tom or the Nexus Notes team, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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