The top 4 tips to maximise sales through your notes description

Thinking about uploading your notes but not sure what description to use?

In the process of uploading and stuck on what information to provide to potential customers?

This post is your one stop guide to understanding how to maximise sales through a killer description that provides your customer and the internet with the best information related to your notes.

When you upload your course summary notes you will notice a ‘description’ field awaiting your input (see below in red)

Many of our users ask how they should go about filling out this field, in order to maximise the chances of their notes selling.

After undertaking detailed analysis on our best performing notes, here are the best strategies to sell well:

  1. Start by explaining what your notes are

Whilst this might seem obvious, its importance cannot be denied as customers like the comfort knowing what your notes cover. Put in the Course Code as well as Full Course Title and describe the course and coverage of your notes, throwing in some buzzwords where appropriate because let’s be honest…sex sells! An example of this could be:

  • “These are comprehensive, brilliant LAWS5003 Evidence Law Notes that cover the entire semester, all lecture classes as well as all related legislation.

2. Explain how you used these notes to score good marks, and how they will benefit students

Remember uploaders, our customers want access to high performing students, and you are a high performing student! Describe how you used these notes to dominate the exam. An example of this could be:

  • “I used these notes as my main study preparation and they have been formatted to facilitate easy navigation and quick learning of the essential concepts. The notes are extremely well structured and can be relied on for study in closed or open book exams. The notes are 55 pages of concise, exam focused material designed to anticipate the sorts of exam questions thereby ensuring that the student only focuses on knowing what is required to do well on the exam”

3. List out the topics in the course

Student like the comfort of knowing that your notes cover multiple topics within the subject. However, the real benefit of this for you is that it helps Google and other search engines pick up your notes so they can sell to a wider audience. Simply list out the lecture titles or key topics within the course. An example of this could be:

“Topics covered in these notes include:

  • Judicial Review – Jurisdiction of the Courts
  • Judicial Review Remedies
  • Judicial Review of Rule-making
  • Procedural Grounds of Judicial Review
  • Reasoning Process Grounds of Judicial Review
  • Decisional Grounds of Judicial Review
  • Access to Judicial Review – Standing
  • Restricting Judicial Review – Privative Clauses”

4. Include some information about yourself

As mentioned in 2, customers want to learn from the best. It is therefore advisable to include some information on yourself. Tell your potential customers what you’re studying and any academic achievements to date to boost your chances of sales. You may wish to even copy and paste some information from your LinkedIn here. Whilst this is less relevant that the first three points, it has had huge success with some of our best authors:

  • “After scoring a perfect VCE Accounting score, I studied a BCom at Melbourne University and won a maximum of three Deans Honours List which eventuated in being bestowed the BCom undergraduate medal, awarded to the best graduating commerce scholar over their three years of study”


To see the description used by our top selling University author, see here

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Well there you have it guys, the best tips to have a great description and boost your chances to sell your notes. If you have any further questions about note descriptions or about the uploading process in general, please contact our General Manager Joel Markoff on or 0400 584 846.


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