Nexus Notes attends the 2017 Sydney University Corporate Partners Dinner

Nexus Notes was recently honoured to have representation at the Sydney University 2017 Corporate Partners Recognition Dinner. The dinner attracted a wide range of professionals and academics across many industries and focused on exploring “What are the ideal attributes a student needs in the 21st century”

Jan Owen AM, the CEO of the Foundation for Young Australian’s (FYA) performed an interesting and thought provoking speech that focused on how automation, globalisation and flexibility were changing the corporate landscape for both employers and employees.

After some heated debate, it was agreed that the most important attributes a student needs in the 21st Century are problem solving ability, adaptiveness and resilience. With so much change and disruption going on in the world, students need to be able to solve problems in different fields whilst dealing with constant complexity.

Nexus Notes was honoured to be a part of the discussions and is proud to facilitate collaboration and learning across students of the world, be they high school, University or professional accreditation students (CA, CPA, and CFA).

Should you wish to access the reports that Jane spoke about, here is the link:

A fantastic experience discussing the future of Education at the University of Sydney’s 2017 Corporate Partners Recognition Dinner