Win a party for your fraternity

Longhorns, do you want to win a party for your fraternity? Nexus Notes is currently giving you that opportunity.

It’s pretty easy. As always, we are looking for great content authored by the best and brightest students at UT. You can learn about what sort of notes we’re after here. Each new user you bring to the site will earn you money and give your fraternity a point. The fraternity with the most points at the end of semester, will get an awesome party sponsored by Nexus Notes!

1. Create an account with Nexus Notes (it’s super easy!). Your username is now a promo code which means the following:

Anyone who creates an account and contributes a set of notes using your username as a promo code will get $10 and so will you. (It’s give $10 get $10).

Anyone who downloads a set of notes and enters your username will get 10% off. You will also get $2.50 of the sale price.

2. When you create an account, send an email to with the name of your fraternity. We’ll keep a tally of notes contributed and downloads attributable to each frat.

3. At the end of semester, the frat with the most notes contributed and downloads will win an awesome party sponsored by us. The date of the party is up to you guys, have it now or later on after exams. You’ll receive kegs and more pizza than you can hope to eat.


This is probably the question you’ll be asked the most. By contributing their notes to the site, authors can create a passive income stream while they complete their studies. Some of our authors are already making up to $2,000 per semester, just from notes that were sitting on their hard drive. They’ve already done the hard work, why not profit from it. Remember, Xavier is on hand to answer any tricky questions they might have, and there is a lot of information on our website.

Nexus Notes encourages the responsible consumption of alcohol.

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