AAA: Audit and Assurance Exam Critical File – CA

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  • UniversityChartered Accountants Program (CA)
  • AreaBusiness and commerce
  • CourseAudit and Assurance
  • Course CodeAAA217
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This is a fantastic service to use for comparison of notes, compilation of notes or even just in an emergency. There are high quality and varied notes for all the subjects you need.

Daniel Markos

Daniel Markos Bond University

I use Nexus Notes as skeletons for my own notes. This method is far easier than working off textbooks and really helps me with my law exams which aren't getting any easier.

Tommy Hendrick

Tommy Hendrick University of Sydney

I have used Nexus Notes since the site launched and I’m now achieving way more Ds and HDs instead of Ps.

Nick Cundy

Nick Cundy University of Adelaide

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About these notes

Selling my Comprehensive exam notes for Audit and Assurance (AAA). I managed to score a pretty decent mark due to this note.

Note include key information for different exam questions:

1. Risk Factor and Relevant Assertions for Main Account Classes
2. Key Assertions for Key Area’s of the Financial Report
3. General Audit Procedures and Assertions Tested
4. Audit Evidence for Debtors, Sales and Bad Debt Expense
5. Audit Evidence for Inventory
6. Audit Evidence for Accounts Payable
7. Tests of Purchases, Expenses and Cash Disbursement Transaction
8. Audit Evidence for Accruals and Prepayments
9. Audit Evidence for Cash
10. Audit Evidence for Payroll
11. Audit Procedures for Employee Provisions
12. Audit Evidence for Property Plant and Equipment
13. Audit Evidence for Investments
14. Audit Evidence for Intangibles
15. Audit Evidence for Long Term Debt
16. Audit Evidence for Warranty Expense and Liability
17. Audit Evidence for Income Taxes
18. Extent of Reliance on Analytical Procedures and Reasonableness Tests
19. Analytical Procedures for Revenue Cycle 34
20. Analytical Procedures for Cost of Sales, Inventory and Creditors
21. Analytical Procedures for Payroll
22. Analytical Procedures for Property, Plant and Equipment
23. Analytical Procedures for Investments
24. Analytical Procedures for Long-term Debt
25. Key Ratios
26. Factors that Affect Sample Sizes
27. Basic for Selecting Materiality
28. Subsequent Events
29. Types of IT Engagements
30. Computer Assisted Audit Techniques (CAAT’s)

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