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This is a fantastic service to use for comparison of notes, compilation of notes or even just in an emergency. There are high quality and varied notes for all the subjects you need.

Daniel Markos

Daniel Markos Bond University

I use Nexus Notes as skeletons for my own notes. This method is far easier than working off textbooks and really helps me with my law exams which aren't getting any easier.

Tommy Hendrick

Tommy Hendrick University of Sydney

I have used Nexus Notes since the site launched and I’m now achieving way more Ds and HDs instead of Ps.

Nick Cundy

Nick Cundy University of Adelaide

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About these notes

This Reference Guide contributed significantly to my overall result in this module of 85% (Merit). The reference guide lists out all learning outcomes for each topic. The guide then lists out each activity, worked example and exam questions that address the learning outcomes. This is a very easy way to get on top of all learning outcomes of the unit.


It helped me achieve great results, as i would read a question in the exam, work out which learning outcome it related to, and then find the relevant past exam questions, activities and worked examples. This meant that i saved time in the exam and then had great examples to apply to each exam question.


Some of the key topics in this document include:

  • Unit 1 – Assurance Framework and the auditor’s objectives
  • Unit 2 – Audit Quality and pre-engagement activities
  • Unit 3 – Risk Assessment
  • Unit 4- Internal Control
  • Unit 5 – Materiality, audit strategy and audit plan
  • Unit 6 – Test of Controls
  • Unit 7 – Substantive Testing
  • Unit 8 – Using the work of others
  • Unit 9 – Completing the audit
  • Unit 10 – Auditor’s reports
  • Unit 11 – Other audits of historical financial information and reviews
  • Unit 12 – Other engagements


About the author: After finishing my commerce degree at the University of Sydney, I joined a big 4 accounting firm working in their financial services division. I have also worked at financial services firms Investec and BNP Parabis Investment Partners. I studied the Chartered Accountant (CA) whilst I work full time.


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