The Nervous System

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This is a fantastic service to use for comparison of notes, compilation of notes or even just in an emergency. There are high quality and varied notes for all the subjects you need.

Daniel Markos

Daniel Markos Bond University

I use Nexus Notes as skeletons for my own notes. This method is far easier than working off textbooks and really helps me with my law exams which aren't getting any easier.

Tommy Hendrick

Tommy Hendrick University of Sydney

I have used Nexus Notes since the site launched and I’m now achieving way more Ds and HDs instead of Ps.

Nick Cundy

Nick Cundy University of Adelaide

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About these notes

– Comprehensive, brilliant BIOM3200 Nervous System Notes that cover the all lecture classes as well as required textbook readings.

– I used these colorful, diagram-included notes (I’m a visual learner) as my main study preparation and they have been formatted to facilitate easy navigation and quick learning of the essential concepts. The notes are extremely well structured and can be relied on for study in closed or open book exams. The notes are 20 pages of concise, question-format exam focused material designed to anticipate the sorts of exam questions – ensuring you only focuses on knowing what is required to do well on the exam!

– Topics covered include:
-> Anatomy & Function of Nervous System
-> Functional & Structural classifications of Neurons
-> Autonomic & Somatic Systems
-> Synapse & Action Potential (Electrical Activity)
-> Blood-Brain Barrier
-> Parasympathetic & Sympathetic outflows
-> Formation, Structure & Function of the brain and its parts
-> Diseases related to the CNS (Parkinson’s, Autism, etc)

– After scoring a near perfect on this course, I took more human physiology related courses because I loved it so much! I did handwritten notes in the beginning, but realized the efficiency of the online ones later! I study Biomedical Science at Guelph University and this was the course that out me on the Dean’s List!

Hope they help :)

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