Nexus Notes could be the perfect way to bring in extra cash

"Nexus Notes provides an opportunity for ambitious students to get paid for their high-quality notes. And since many general education college courses don't change too much over the years, uploading your notes could even turn into a nice long-term income stream."

Australian duo turn uni lecture notes into cash

"Professor Jim Corkery, a corporations law academic at Bond University, whose students have been using the service to make money from his lectures, said he welcomed the service."

Startup Nexus Notes allows High Distinction uni students to sell their notes

"Sydney-based startup Nexus Notes was built on the philosophy that students can learn a lot from each other’s notes, and of course, make money from simply sharing their notes."

Ex-AFL player and Macquarie Bank employee team up to launch site selling study notes online

"Nexus Notes was born out of the pair’s frustration while studying at the lack of access to high-quality study materials."

Bright students cash in

"To date, there has been zero push-back from Australian universities. In fact, we have made some very positive partnerships with faculty societies from different campuses across the country."

Former AFL ruckman tackles entrepreneurial career, new student notes business is on the mark

"We differentiate ourselves by the premium quality of our content. We only offer notes from students who received a high distinction or distinction in their subjects."

Former University of Melbourne tutor and Management Consultant Joel Markoff joins Nexus Notes

"The Nexus founders have laid the foundations for success and it is now my opportunity, with their support and guidance, to unleash this marketplace across the world. Is it a unicorn? Only time will tell…but I promise you one thing – we won’t die wondering!!"

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